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about me

Movement has always been my favorite form of expression. I started dancing with my older sister before I can remember. Elaborate shows for the neighbors in the basement, or a little improvisation in the front yard before ballet class, sometimes just a shake-the-wiggles-out in the kitchen sort of dance. 

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I headed down south to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance at the University of Georgia. Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of working with many creative dance artists and companies including George Staib, T Lang Dance, CORE Concert Dance Company, Mallory Baxley, Lillian Ransijn, ChristinaNoel Reaves, Maryn Whitmore, and Irish visual artist Lesley Wingfield. In addition to performing with other artists, I create my own work (live performance & dance for film) that has been shown locally and internationally. Currently in Atlanta, I enjoy being an active part of the creative arts cooperative at Skwhirlhaus with Maryn Whitmore, performing with Staibdance, and teaching yoga. 

Silly as it sounds to me now, I found yoga while simply looking for a way to supplement my dance training. I instantly fell in love with the deep sense of connection and strength that yoga helped me find, and began practicing daily. Trained in Pranakriya yoga, I have been lucky enough to study under some pretty inspiring magical people including Yoganand Michael Carrol, Marlysa Sullivan, and Astrid Santana

I am a sucker for big dramatic skies, mountains and rivers, flowers and trees. Whenever I get a chance, I love to escape into nature to frolic and hike, usually accompanied by a beautiful friend or two. Henry David Thoreau said, "heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." I believe that when we connect to our bodies through breath and movement, we can see that heaven is not only above and below, but also inside - it's everywhere!